Huerta de Albalá

bodega huerta de albalaTHE CELLAR

In the winery our facilities are a mixture of modern and traditional, combining new technologies and state-of-the-art production means with purely artisanal wine-making techniques. The gravitationally fed winery houses two rooms: The first for the production of Taberner and Barbazul, the second for Taberner No. 1 and Barbarosa. One holds stainless steel, temperature controlled, fermentation tanks, the other, Allier oak fermentation vats.

Beneath the winery we have 1,600 barriques, all produced from French Allier oak, coming from a variety of tonnelleries: 520 Sylvain, 700 Mercier and the remaining 380 are shared between Francois Freres, Francis, Vicard and Demptos Reserva. Before releasing our first wines into the market (2005 vintage) we carried out three years (2002, 2003 and 2004 vintages) of research work examining the reaction of the wine to various origins and producers of oak.

We estimate an annual production quantity of 200.000 bottles of Barbazul, 130,000 bottles of Taberner. We aim to produce around 20,000 bottles of Barbarosa and only 10,000 bottles of Taberner No. 1, as these are wines of exclusive character that require extremely high quality fruit and careful attention to detail in the winery. Production levels at Huerta de Albalá will obviously be dependent on the quality of a given vintage. In order to maintain consistently excellent standards for our wines, if any grapes fall below our requirements, they are not used.

historia tabernabarbazulHISTORY

The land currently occupied by the Huerta de Albalá facilities, were once part of a Roman town which in ancient times was responsible for a diverse range of cultivation.

The reasons that, centuries ago, motivated the use of this beautiful land for vine cultivation today remain unaltered.

With our project, which combines modernity and pure “chateau” style tradition, we have remained faithful to the estate’s long held harmony with the surrounding countryside.

The Huerta de Albalá estate is situated at 150m above sea level in Arcos de la Frontera and spans a total of 91 hectares, consisting of 75 hectares of vineyards and a modern and attractively designed bodega of 4600m2.

The whole architectural project is by Mariano Taberner Montoro, who has paid careful attention to the building’s integration into the surrounding landscape, in order to ensure its low environmental impact. To design the building, Mariano and his team resorted to architecture of traditional forms (white plaster on the wall faces, aged Arab tiles for the roofs which are supported by wooden beams, rustic glazed tiles for the patios and locks that are in keeping with the traditional designs of the area).

filosofia tabernabarbazulPHILOSOPHY

Our philosophy is to deliver wines that express terroir, with intense colour and purity of varietal flavour, that reflect the zone from which they are from and that display an elegant structure with smooth tannins whilst being rich, powerful and complex.

From careful vineyard management to high quality winemaking techniques, the wines are handcrafted to ensure that individual nuances of the vineyard and variety are maintained.

Only the best quality fruit is selected, carefully fermented and aged in fine grained Allier oak, culminating in elegant wines of intense richness and complexity.

viñedo huerta de albalaVINEYARDS

Are distributed as follows: 60% Syrah, 20% Merlot, 10%Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Tintilla de Rota

The vines grow at elevations that range from 100-250m above sea level. The wide variety of soils and privileged location within a special micro-climate, generated by the proximity of the reservoir of Bornos and the mountain range of Grazalema, combine to produce grapes with excellent technical characteristics, ideal for making wines with marked individuality and personality. The diverse soils give a unique character to a number of different grape varietals and areas within the vineyard. Each parcel is therefore separately planted, controlled, analysed, vinified and aged before a final decision is made on the final blend.Our overall climate is ideal for the production of consistently excellent red wine.

The vines profit from cooling afternoon breezes which helps to maintain acidity levels in the grapes this in turn allows for extended maturation on the vine and contributes to the complexity of the flavour profile. The grapes benefit from long warm days and relatively cool nights during the ripening period. This dramatic change in temperature facilitates excellent phenolic ripeness and acidity levels.

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Furthermore we have an unusually high average annual rainfall for Southern Spain of around 900mm. This means that the vines get just enough water for us not to require irrigation but not so much to be detrimental to flavour concentration. All the grapes used for the wines of Huerta de Albalá are hand-picked from our own vineyard which surrounds the bodega. The decision not to use machine harvesting derives from a desire to be highly discriminate in bunch selection, while the immediate proximity of vineyards to winery means our grapes are not damaged and oxidized by travelling long distances.